Effectiveness Of Herbs

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Effectiveness Of Herbs

Scientific studies provide indisputable evidence that the herbals extracts from plants can not only cure but also prevent certain types of diseases. Further evidence of the benefits of herbal medicine can be found in the fact that there are many modern pharmaceutical drugs available that use plant extracts.

The need for caution comes in when reading the advertisements and other marketing materials for alternative medicines, even if they are plant based, 100% natural and completely safe. There are no products on the market that will advertise boldly that they might not be effective in some cases. That sort of statement is usually hidden in the small print.

That should not be criteria when choosing an alternative medication. There are cases where scientific studies have shown that people receive none of the medical benefits that the product claims to deliver. There are many alternative medicines on the market that have not undergone any sort of testing whatsoever.

The importance of scientific testing becomes apparent when you consider that these old-age natural therapy concepts were developed when there were no scientific controls and no test procedures. If someone wanted to try out a new herb, the easiest way for to try it on themselves first. Secondly, the human mind was Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies not as well understood as it is today. For example, modern controls can easily make out the difference between a placebo effect, the body's ability to heal itself through its immune system, and the actual practical benefits of herbs.

Without this understanding any herb, whether beneficial or not, can be made to look like a life saver.

Scientific investigation also helps to reveal the precise nature and structure of the chemicals in an herb. Which chemicals do what. How to they react with blood and other internal organs. What chemical combines where to produce what compound � finally resulting in a cure or relief. These are important facets of scientific testing that were not available in the days when herbal traditions were being established. Most knowledge in those days was anecdotal and based on personal experience. Humanity and especially the medical workers know better today.

It is always prudent to choose a medical treatment that has been proven safe and effective. It is possible for people to get so influenced by the natural healing movement that they will abandon conventional medicine altogether. Avoid falling into this trap. Herbal therapies have just begun to be studied scientifically and until proven safe and sound should only be used as complementary alternative medicines, not the main treatment. Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies The chemical composition of a lot of herbs is still not known so there is always the standing danger of violent reaction to an alkaloid. Do not underestimate this.

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