Herbal Products And Surgery

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Herbal Products And Surgery

Herbal supplements and remedies are becoming ever more popular in America; millions of Americans take holistic medicines for just about ever common, everyday problem because of their cheapness and lack of dangerous side effects. Now everyone who's ever had a surgery knows that physicians will ask you what OTC and prescription medicines you're taking, but what of herbal medicines? While generally having no complications, it has been found that many common herbal supplements can cause complications during surgery and after. While side effects could be minor and short lasting, many can cause severe complications during surgery. Many common vitamins and minerals also can have dangerous side affects when mixed with other drugs during surgery.

Take for example the very popular herb Echinacea suppresses certain parts of the immune system which can detrimentally affect the healing of wounds and has caused liver inflammation when combined with many common surgical drugs. Ephedra causes heart beat irregularities and can cause high blood pressure and almost every other common herbal supplement, from ginseng to ginger, can all cause bleeding, internal and external. These are just some general herbs and their risks, and while this list is generally accepted as accurate, there is some controversy over how accurate the list is. Some herbal specialists claim that these side effects are inaccurate but a large number of specialists in the field accept the majority of the list and only question the validity of a small few.

Many herbalists say that professional doctors don't know enough about herbal medicines to talk with authority about the risks and potential side effects of herbal supplements, but no herbalist argues the fact that you should stop taking herbal supplements before a surgical procedure. Whether or not you accept the published list of herbal remedies and their side effects you should always tell your doctor or surgical team what OTC drugs and dietary supplements.The risks can be extremely dangerous and it is always better in the medical world to play it safe rather then be sorry and regret your mistakes later.

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