Herbs And Your Immune System

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Herbs and Your Immune System

For centuries herbs have been used to strengthen our immune system. The Chinese used Astragalus roots for everything from fatigue, gasping for breath and even as an energy booster. Herbs have even been said to eliminate warts, a common virus, through increasing your immune system.

In recent history, physicians have even suggested that a virus may cause certain forms of obesity. That may be why herbal weight loss programs work as well as they do. Many times there is something in the diet that is missing and herbs fill that gap in the nutritional plan creating a more whole and healthier you.

Echinacea is one herbal remedy that most everyone knows about. It fights infection and boosts the immune system. It helps by increasing the body's ability to fight germs by stimulating white blood cell growth and the discharge of interferons, which are another of the body's disease fighting arsenal. Generally, most times it is used in conjunction with colds, as it seems to help the body eliminate the virus faster by increasing the body's capacity to fight.

If you just want to boost your immune system, you may try herbs rich in vitamin c, vitamin e, carotenoids, bioflavenoids, zinc, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and garlic. This combination provides an immune system charge that can take on everything from high cholesterol to killing cancer cells.

Many herbs have antibacterial properties such as St. John's Wort. Not only does it have antimicrobial burn healing properties, but it is also rumored to be of assistance in the treatment of depression and anxiety, both of which can occasionally be a symptom of a poor immune system.

So keep your immune system happy and in tiptop shape. Enjoy some of the finest herbs the planet has to offer either through teas, added to your dinner dishes, or simply stop by a health food store and talk to someone to begin feeling better, looking better, and just being better.

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