What To Know Before You Buy Herbal Products

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What To Know Before You Buy Herbal Products


Different countries allot different legal status to different herbal ingredients. For example, ayurveda, the alternative medicine therapy from India believes that heavy metals are therapeutic. The United States however believes that high levels of heavy metals are actually unsafe for normal consumption. So ayurvedic medicines are not granted the same status as regular drugs and they are certainly not FDA approved.

Like other non-FDA-approved health products, ayurvedic drugs are sold in the United States as dietary supplements and not medicines. This is merely an evasion because as per American laws, supplements do not need to be tested for safety or effectiveness. In some cases even quality control of the active ingredients can be inadequate.


If you intend to use herbal remedies then it is always advisable to first have a detailed and frank discussion with your doctor. Keep in mind that herbal remedies can cause adverse reactions just like conventional drugs. This risk is augmented when herbal remedies are taken in combination with prescription or over the counter Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies drugs. For example, if you are taking medication for hypertension (these medicines lower blood pressure) and at the same time you take a herbal supplement with the same affect, there is a very high risk possibility of blood pressure dropping dangerously.

There are also many supplements available that might contain herbs, which are to be strictly avoided during pregnancy.

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