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Pure Acai Berry Product Review by Alina Anila

Is Pure Acai Berry Product a Scam? Discover the truth of Pure Acai Berry now.

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is a weight loss / health dietary supplement that comes in a form of capsules containing pure Acai Berries.

More NicheMarketed by: Incubationer Ltd - a company registered in England and Wales (No 6260284) but they have numerous facilities across the world
Website: www.pureacaiberry.com
Serving Size: 1500mg of pure Acai Berry
Cost: From $30 per pack
Certifications: CITES, Certificate of Analysis (COA), Annex Certificate
Guarantee: 6 months - Money Back

Claimed Benefits of Pure Acai Berry:

  • Helps you quickly lose weight.
  • Increases your metabolism and you burn off more calories.
  • Helps to reduce fatigue. Increases your energy levels.
  • Provides powerful antioxidant support.
  • Detoxifies and removes harmful toxins from the body.

Does this product live up to its expectations?

Many people today are concerned with purifying their bodies and weight loss. The search is on for the easiest way to do both without harm to the body. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by buying and using Acai Berry Max.

This product will cleanse the body of toxins, which helps in the weight loss process. When starting a weight loss program a person usually does so for a better looking body for that swim suit they bought to wear. Not everyone stops to think about the fact that losing weight also lowers health risks. This means that a lot of people ignore the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that the body needs to keep functioning properly. A body that has proper nutrition metabolizes food better and increases in strength and stamina.

With Acai Berries that worry is taken care of. These little berries are packed with the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and functioning properly. Acai Berries are packed with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, amino a cids and more. They are all there in one little capsule. Along with these essential acids, these berries have protein and vitamins B1, B2 and B3 along with vitamin A and C. They are packed with calcium and minerals like copper, zinc and magnesium.

This product is 100% Acai Berry and comes with a certificate of analysis. A doctor has endorsed this product as a pure, safe supplement to use for weight loss and cleansing of the body. Many people who have tried this product are raving about it and claim it is the best weight loss product they have ever tried. Not only are they losing weight, they feel better and have more energy to get through the day.

When a person is searching for the best Acai berry product to buy, they should steer clear of the free trial offers. These are not the pure Acai Berry supplements and they are not really free trials either.

Unfortunatley scam companies will try and convince you otherwise. Don't get suckered into their scam! Avoid ‘Acai Free Trials”, check the ingredients and make sure there are no filler substances, only pure Acai berries. Look for the certificate of analysis that proves that the product is pure.

Here is a good video review of the Pure Acai Berry.

Actual Customer Feedback

I have tried many diet pills on the market but ... Acai Berry is this product is the best for me. I started a month ago and I am very happy with their results; I have lost my 11lbs weight. Also, it helps me to feel not so hungry, but I can also eat what I like. ~ Excerpt cited from a user comment on DietsinReview.com
Understand...I am not a vitamin retard. I actually think that most of that stuff is all hype and doesn't work. This product definitely has benefits. And for me, they are proven. I read the other reviews, and I have to admit I didn't see any weight loss benefits, it didn't seem to curb my hunger, etc., BUT...believe it or not, my hair became super soft...I don't use conditioner...really...it took about 3 months...and I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night. But it definitely did that. Also, I use to have dry, rough elbows. No lotion or anything I tried got rid of it. This stuff did. No more flaking, dry elbows. I couldn't believe it. But the best thing? Without any other real change in my diet or exercise, my cholestrol went down by 50 points in 6 months. My doctor came in with my lab work and said, 'What have you been doing different?'. I said, "what do you mean?". He Said, "Your bad cholestrol dropped 50 points". I told him I had been taking acai berry. He couldn't believe it either. He just said keep doing what your doing and said that he could lower the dosage of my cholestol medication because of it. Believe me. This stuff has benefits. And I dont' EVER write reviews for anything. ~ Excerpt cited from a user comment on Amazon.com forum
I had Acai Berries in Brazil when I was there surfing. They are so great for giving you energy and controlling hunger when out surfing for long periods of time. ~ Excerpt cited from a user comment on DietsinReview.com


PureAcaiBerry is one of our highest rated supplements in terms of content and quality, and great value, too. However claims on the product website that the product alone without a healthy diet and exercise can cause you to lose weight are exaggerated.

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