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XtremeNO Muscle Builder Review by Alina Anila

XtremeNO: More Work In The Gym, Less Soreness The Next Day

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XtremeNO advanced muscle building system has not only changed the game for nitric oxide-based supplements, it has changed how health and bodybuilding enthusiasts are going to be looking at every supplement on the market. XtremeNO's blend of nitric oxide and amino acids means more reps, more weight, and more muscle mass. It will also provide for increased vascularity due to the oxygenation of the blood as well helping the body reduce soreness the next day by increasing the development and reception of amino acids and reducing the buildup of lactic acids in the muscles.

The two main ingredients of this pre-workout supplement are L-Arginine and Nitric Oxide. L-Arginine is one of the many amino acids that the body develops naturally and craves during strenuous exercise. With an increased intake of L-Arginine, the body can produce more proteins naturally. These important components are the building blocks of large, powerful muscles.

The nitric oxide delivery system is what makes XtremeNO stand out from the rest of the NO pack. Their extended release formula allows for a steady release of nitric oxide throughout the day. During the workout this means better pumps and the ability to push reps and weight to the limit. This major leap in energy is not blown out after one or two hours though. Instead, it lasts throughout the day and provides for increased metabolism, increased oxygenation of the blood, increased energy, and less soreness the next to get back in the gym and at it again.

XtremeNO does not promise huge muscles by sitting on the couch. This product maximizes and amplifies the work that is put in at the gym. In the world of NO supplements, XtremeNO has changed how bodybuilders and health enthusiasts are going to be looking at their nitric oxide and amino acid intake.

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Actual Customer Feedback

...this product lives up to all it states it does. Extreme power, quick recovery, and more. This is far better than BSN or other manufactures products... ~ Excerpt cited from a user comment on illpumpyouup.com forum
...I have tried all of the pre workout supplements and they all have their pros and cons, but XtremeNO works consistently instead of a two boom then a bust... ~ Excerpt cited from a user comment on supplementcritic.com forum


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